Reckless Fate
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Reckless Fate by Maxine Henri


A grumpy billionaire chef. A woman who broke his heart. A secret to destroy their second chance.

I’ve never thought I’d see him again. I’ve never considered a second chance with Massimo Cassinetti is a possibility.

Until I saw him.

My body and heart reacted immediately. He is powerful, rich and years matured him like the best wine.

Hired as a consultant to improve his chances of the highest recognition for his restaurant, I face him with my head up. I can be professional, after all.

But when he sees me, he turns away. Growls. Avoids me.

I might still love my ex-husband, but he hates me.
And yet, my poor heart hopes.

Our love is filled with regret. How much more can we accept? Fate clearly is reckless.


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