Reaper – A Slow Burn MC Romance
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I let her go once because she wasn’t mine. This time, I’ll die before I give her up… I want her. That smile… those curves. But Ava doesn’t belong to me. Then she arrives in my clubhouse, seeking refuge. My gut churns at the sight of the bruises on her face, the fear in her eyes. Before I was the president of the War Brothers Motorcycle Club, I was a sniper in the military who hunted down evil men like her husband. Now I avoid relationships because the wounds I have are more than skin deep. But Ava’s different, and when I find her in the wrong bedroom—my bedroom—one night, what happens next changes everything. I let her go once because she was married, but I won’t make the same mistake twice. I’ll die before I let her dangerous husband, the jealous women in our club, or the enemy our club didn’t see coming lay a finger on her. Because this time around, Ava is mine.
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