Rat King
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Rat King by Charlii Darling

He’s been waiting for her... Grey Miller hasn’t been herself since her arrival at Kaleidoscope. The pale skin, dark hair, and silver eyes of Bram Von Mayerling are a magnetic force drawing her ever closer, yet the reclusive owner insists on keeping her at arm’s length. Is he a spellbound prince, or a dangerous beast? Bram is the owner of what was once the most buzzed-about private pleasure dome for the movie stars of the Roaring Twenties—a place to indulge their most illicit desires away from prying eyes and the tattletale press. Now a sordid scandal hangs over the decaying, tumbledown Kaleidoscope...and malicious whispers taint Bram’s reputation. Dark secrets and a darker passion blend into a waking dream, and Grey is stalked by visions of a malevolent figure she calls Rat King. A figure who bears an unnerving resemblance to Bram. As the rising darkness threatens to overtake them both, Grey’s love must break through Bram’s defenses, or she may find herself claimed by Rat King...forever.
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