Queen of Misfortune
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Queen of Misfortune by Ajme Williams

3 rules I follow no matter what: Never marry into the mafia. Never trust a man again. Never fall in love with a mobster.  But Donovan Ricci isn’t taking no for an answer. When I was younger, my father married me off so I’d stop causing trouble for him. But now, years later, my husband is dead, and there’s another dangerous man who wants me. Donovan is obsessed with me from the moment we meet. But because of everything I went through, I made a vow to myself - one I won’t break, not even for him. I only care about reuniting with my sister. Some older mafia boss won’t catch my attention, no matter his desperate attempts. But when my father threatens my safety, Donovan proposes an irrefusable deal: marry him, and he’ll protect me…  At the cost of sharing a bed with the most handsome mafia kingpin in the city.
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