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Proud by Tatum West

Will Jesse’s a tattoo-covered artist, and I’m a trust fund kid. That makes him the perfect date for my sister’s debutante ball. He’ll look disastrously hot in a suit—and he’ll mortify my parents when we kiss on the dance floor. Nah, it’s nothing serious. I just need a date. Jesse needs cash. It’s just that simple. And if we end up in bed somewhere along the way, it’ll be a total bonus. No need to catch feelings, right? Jesse Will is everything I never wanted. His money dates back to Queen Victoria, and Will was in a frat. An actual frat. Eugh. I hate guys like him, guys who have everything. Turns out the thing he wants most in the world is me. I’m supposed to hate him—but I want him so badly I can’t breathe when he touches me. If he finds out the lie I’m living, it’s all over. I should go. But I keep falling into his strong arms, welcoming the taste of his lips. Proud is a 67k full length mm romance novel, the first in the DC Pride series! It is a super-hot standalone and contains absolutely no cliffhangers. Will and Jesse are total opposites, and their fake relationship causes a whole lot of trouble! Watch out for daring cat rescues, crazy ex-boyfriends, scandalous dancing, and a stunning drag queen bestie.
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