Protective Vows
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Protective Vows by B. B. Hamel

I crave freedom and his marriage bed. But I can’t have both. I’m all that’s left of the powerful Greek Florakis mafia. My father and my older brothers were murdered in a yacht explosion off the coast of Crete, and now my family is in tatters. That’s when Luca Valverde comes for me. He’s six-foot-four, covered in scars and muscles, a hardened killer, and my sworn enemy. But instead of finishing the job, he takes me home and gives me a choice: a bullet or his wedding ring. I accept marriage and decide to bide my time until I can put a knife in his back. When we return to New York, things get complicated. He needs to prove himself to his family after taking a Greek bride, and I’m stuck trying to help my hated husband while also waiting to escape. Every second I spend in his marriage bed is another second I spend forgetting about my freedom. His touch is a poison flower and his lips are like honey. But I’m playing the long game, and in the end, I’m going to win. Welcome to a brand new mafia family! You’ll love watching hardened Luca break all the rules to keep his new Greek bride Kacia. There’s plenty of steam, plenty of twists, and lots of dirty-talking mafia swagger. As always, it’s a standalone full-length novel with no cliffhanger and a happily-ever-after. Enjoy!

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