Project Produce
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Project Produce by Kari Lee Harmon

Project Produce: A laugh out loud romantic comedy with a mysterious twist (Big Laughs in the Big Apple Book 1) Callie MacDonald—a small-town woman running from a scandal—starts her life over in the Big Apple. She enrolls in a psychology class on sex therapy to try to figure men out, expecting to find answers in a book, not through a final project for her class. Her topic is to research how the size of a man's anatomy affects his personality. With the help of Bahama Mamas, Mac and Cheese, and salsa music, Callie bolsters the courage to set Project Produce into motion and try not to make a fool of herself as she shops for a pickle, a cucumber, and a zucchini. When a flasher attempts to make her his next victim, she foils his plans, and now he's set on getting revenge. She never imagines Dylan Cabrizzi—the hunky detective in charge of sex crimes with a grudge against female shrinks—will make her heart beat in places it has no business beating. While she's given up on finding the perfect man, she might have a use for Hot Britches after all. His tall height and massive feet indicate he just might be her perfect zucchini.
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