Possess Me!
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Possess Me! by Fae Quin

The Spooky Boys Series invites you to visit a world where things that go bump in the night aren't just fantasy. These standalone novels feature monsters that are spicy, fun, and sometimes furry. Luca What was I thinking, trading my last painting for a "lucky" necklace? Instead of good fortune, the cursed trinket saddled me with a stocky, heavily tattooed ghost named Prudence. Determined to make the most of things, I struck a bargain: I'd help him with his problem if he'd help me with mine. En route to Oregon to help him shed his spectral existence, my ghostly companion becomes something more, and causes me to make a few unexpected discoveries about myself. Now I'm craving a connection that should send me running for the hills, and time is against me. For someone already dead, Prudence sure seems set on dying - can I convince him there's another way before it's too late? Prudence After gaining my freedom, I wanted two things: sex and death. The sweet, gullible Luca was my golden ticket to both. He became mine the moment he took my cursed talisman. Optimistic to a fault, and perpetually eating his feelings, the gangly, pink-haired artist made the perfect pawn. But using him meant I couldn't like him, and also meant that neither one of us was getting a happy ending. Emotions were never my strong suit, even before I died, but I found myself actually wanting to understand my new ally in all his awkward charm. Those sociopathic tendencies I'd always held so dear? Well, they're starting to feel a lot more like fierce protectiveness towards Luca, who may be less of a keeper and more of a keeper. What happens when a scowling, spectral bad boy gets accidentally bartered to a chatty, pink-haired artist? A doomed road trip simmering with more than either of them were prepared for. Possess Me! Is a standalone high heat ghost MM romance with adventure, a HEA, and no cliffhangers. It features a relationship between a prickly ghost and a chatty, pink-haired artist. Neither of them have ever had a connection like the one they share before. Together they’re haunting, possessive, playful, and sweet. If you like spooky stories with mystery, suspense, murder, desperately in love sad boys, and characters that make you laugh your head off, read on! Concerned about tropes or specific content types? Please visit my website www.faelovesart.com for a full list of the things you'll find in the story, or feel free to contact me at Faelovesart@gmail.com with your questions. I'm here to help!
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