Petticoats and Pistols
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Petticoats and Pistols by William Black


Evan Henson, a Union battle-tested veteran of the Civil War, dismounted. He stood six-one and paused. “I am so sorry, Miss Dory. Your ma was one of the finest women the Good Lord ever put on this earth. You say it was Kreb who killed her, huh?

Sure nuff,Dory confirmed. 

Evan exhaled deeply and turned around slowly shaking his head. You know Alton Kreb. He has the most money of anyone in this territory and he aint about ready to go to the hoosegow on his own.

Thats just too doggone bad,Dory fired back. He broke the law and now hes gotta pay for it.

You dont understand. The man probably owns the sheriff over there in Junction County. Maybe a few of the judges also. 

Well, that is just tough, Mr. Henson. Im going after him and there aint a thing you can do to stop me,she decreed with fire in her eyes. But there is something you can do.

Whats that?Evan wondered. 

Make sure we have enough guns and ammunition to go after Kreb,” Dory vowed, and straightened up in her petticoat.

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