Pay Dirt
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Pay Dirt by Kate Allenton

She’s a finder of lost things, and he’s searching for answers only she can provide. Cassie Bennett I have a knack for hunting and finding missing things. It makes my job and clients interesting. Whether it’s locating bail jumpers or finding missing treasures, my special skill helps me restore order to the world. Until one of my clients ends up dead and my secret ability is exposed. Now I’ve made it onto the FBI’s radar and my life is in danger. Nathan Murray As an FBI Agent, I’ve made it my career to hunt criminals and throw them behind bars. When proof surfaces that one of my mother’s killers isn’t dead and is in the wind, I’ll use everything in my power to catch him. Including believing in the beautiful quirky woman that has crossed my path. I don’t care what woo-woo abilities she claims to use, as long as she can deliver this guy’s location. The need to catch the killer wars with my desire to keep Cassie safe. The balance is tilting, and I’m helpless to stop it. Find out what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted.
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