Partners in Justice and Love
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Partners in Justice and Love by Lorelei Brogan

Sara Bailey has never faltered in her responsibilities to her family. Her life in Baltimore has always been a quiet one until she suddenly discovers that her brother has found himself arrested. Sara has no other option than to travel immediately to Kansas so as to attend his trial. After witnessing him being sentenced to a 5-year prison-time for a crime he could never commit, she decides it's her duty to take action. To her surprise, she is not the only one to rush in, willing to do anything to help him... Will the handsome former Bounty Hunter, who offers to join her mission, eventually lead them to the solution they desperately crave? Logan Payne has spent most of his teenage years trying to protect his sister and mother from his abusive father. As an adult man, he has promised to stay away from trouble and leave his life as a Bounty Hunter behind. But when his brother-in-law is trapped in a controversial trial, he has no other choice but to jump in and help him gain his freedom back. Sara, the prisoner's beautiful sister, will be his valuable partner to this plan. When emotions he had never experienced before start rising to the surface, will he manage to straighten things out and capture her heart, just like she captivated his? While Sara and Logan's hearts are growing closer, misunderstood motives and a well-kept secret are about to leave the heroes in a state of confusion and pain. Can they really prove Sara's brother's innocence? Or will the crime spree take a dangerous turn for the worse? "Partners in Justice and Love" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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