Out of Sigh
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Out of Sigh by Cleo White

* * Now an Amazon top 200 bestseller! * * ISOBEL I know a bad idea when I see one, and the unfairly handsome stranger I meet on the airport shuttle is a really bad idea. Especially when the silver fox turns out not to be a stranger at all, and steering clear isn’t an option. This isn’t a vacation. I’m in Bora Bora for my sister’s wedding, to connect with my aggressively successful family members and focus on what matters most: getting into medical school. Judah Hale, with his broad shoulders and growly voice, is a distraction I can’t afford. The problem is, with every passing day on this island, my sister’s father-in-law seems to be making it his personal mission to make me question everything I thought I wanted. JUDAH She’s my daughter-in-law’s little sister, half my age, and the definition of off limits. I can’t bring myself to care, though. Every time I set eyes on Isobel Bradley, I’m filled with a primal, possessive urge to claim her. She’s determined to pretend there’s nothing between us, but I know she feels the same connection that I do. We’re in paradise together for a week, and I’m not wasting a second of it. By the time we leave this island, Issy’s going to be mine. Author’s Note: Out of Sight is a standalone, age-gap romance starring a college student and the sexy doctor—with all the Daddy dom vibes—she can’t stay away from. Be prepared for a dash of insta-love, lots of spice, and a guaranteed HEA!
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