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Operation by Charissa Gracyk

She got a glimpse of the man behind the muscles. And he was so much more than she ever expected. Sailor I’ve never relied on anyone in my life. I’m self-sufficient, independent, and I certainly don’t need a man…Except, I’ve sort of developed a crush on my co-worker. You know the big, grumpy, former Navy SEAL who drives me crazy? Yep, that one. Problem is, we couldn’t be more opposite: He’s a carnivore while I’m a vegetarian; he swears like a sailor while I refrain from vulgar obscenities; he guzzles beer on a daily basis while I enjoy the occasional white wine spritzer. And worst of all? He’s Navy, I’m Army. We would never work. Not in a million, trillion, bazillion years. So why do I get all tingly the moment he enters the room? And why am I suddenly having daydreams about…ahem…kissing him? Maddox I’m like a gruff grizzly bear who growls, grunts and prefers to be alone. I have ink, scars and guns. Lots of guns. But the growling grizzly morphs into a teddy bear when Sailor appears. She’s sweeter than her lollipops, and the small but mighty blonde with the luscious curves is getting under my skin. The thing is, I’d do anything for her. If she told me she wanted a bolt of lightning, I’d find a way to capture it in a jar. I’d pluck a star out of the nighttime sky and lasso the moon for her. Anything except admit my true feelings, because I’m terrified that tiny tornado will rip right through my heart and leave a path of irreparable destruction. When she gets caught in a life-or-death situation, I’ll risk everything to save her. Time is running out and a bomb is ticking down. I may not have told her what she means to me, but I’ll die before I let that bomb take away the only woman I’ve ever loved.
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