Only a Crush
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Only a Crush by Delancey Stewart

From USA Today Bestseller Delancey Stewart comes a single dad, only-one-bed small town romcom with plenty of steam! Stuck in an outback cabin in a snowstorm with a stoic, blazing-hot, single dad. And only one bed. It’s every woman’s fantasy. Except mine. Because while Mateo is undeniably hot, he’s also got one of the things I’ve pretty much sworn I was never going to touch again... a family. He lost his wife when his daughter was little. And from what I can tell? He’s been paying penance ever since, telling himself that he owes her something, even though she’s gone. And though we’re both resisting the tantalizing pull between us with everything we’ve got, there’s only so much willpower available inside a tiny two-room cabin in the middle of a freak summer snowstorm that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. With only one bed… The second full-length standalone in the Kasper Ridge series is full of swoony heat, off-the-charts spice, and Stewart’s signature humor. Grab it today!
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