One Of A Kind Love
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One Of A Kind Love by Christina Tetreault


Dear Love Vixen,
I am actually writing to you for my cousin because she's too stubborn to do it herself. In a week she's returning home for her twin brother's wedding. Unfortunately, her brother's best man, the very man who kissed her sixteen years ago and she hasn't seen since, is returning as well. I told her to make her move and finally know once and for all how he feels. She disagrees. She plans to avoid him as much as possible until he goes back to the West Coast. Should she take my advice or let him disappear from her life for another sixteen years?
Sincerely,A Concerned Cuz
Dear Cuz,
Oh, sweetie, you should… I mean your “cuz” should definitely listen to your voice of reason. If she’s been pining for him for sixteen years, there’s obviously something there. At least for “her.” You tell her LV said to go for it. What has she got to lose? Another sixteen years of wondering “what if”? Most importantly, what has she got to gain? A wonderful happily ever after.
Good luck, hon!The <3 Vixen

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