One Night Puck
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One Night Puck by Jessa York

Trey What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or does it? Not when you’re the star right winger of the new, Las Vegas startup team, it doesn’t. When my Elvis impersonator officiated, quickie wedding—to a barely legal, smokin’ hot woman goes viral—the team owners have their own solution to that problem. And it sure isn’t an annulment. With her name now tattooed on my ring finger, we have to find a way to make this work. Even if it’s not for real. Lexi After screwing up royally on my last team, I get traded. I promise myself I won’t mess up like that again. I certainly won’t party so hard on my first night in Sin City that I end up marrying star right-winger, Trey Turner—known for his penchant for three in a bed. Except when I accidentally, sort of do. And when I realize that having his name tattooed on my ring finger might not be the worst thing I’ve ever done... How do I hide my real feelings in our fake relationship?
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