Office Affairs: A Single Mom, Age Gap, Reverse Harem Romance
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When office affairs become more than just business… Three rules for single moms: 1. Don't work for Dad's best friends. 2. Don't date your bosses (especially not all three). 3. And for the love of all that's holy, don't keep secrets. I, Sabrina Roberts, have royally screwed all three. Now I'm climbing the corporate ladder at my father's biggest competitor, juggling spreadsheets and stolen glances at the three hottest CEOs a girl could ask for. Chase Grady, the silver fox with a protective streak that melts my defenses. Garrett Smith, the firebrand whose temper flares both in the boardroom and the bedroom. And Russell Bennett, the calm strategist who sees through the chaos to my heart. Yeah, I'm falling for all three of them. Big mistake, right? Especially since none of them know who my dad is, Or that a surprise is brewing that'll throw everything into overdrive.
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