Off Track
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Off Track by Leslie McAdam

We’re battling to be on top—in more ways than one. Cristian Rivera and I have spent years locked in a contest to be the highest-ranked racing driver in the world. When he forced me off a track seconds from victory, it was the last straw: I confronted him in his hotel room, intending to teach him a lesson with my fists. Instead, he kissed me, and now everything is tumbling out of control. I thought I was straight. Now I’m questioning. And I can’t seem to stay away from him. Hooking up with Cristian is a terrible idea for so many reasons. Our rivalry fuels sales, and if what we’re doing gets out, we and our teams could lose millions in sponsorship money. We could even lose our jobs. I’m the Ice Man, always calm and controlled, in line to the Swedish throne. Dating a fiery Spanish driver is the last thing the aristocracy would want me to do. Most importantly, I can’t fall in love. Open-wheel racing puts our lives at risk every time those engines roar. I can’t afford to get attached to another driver. I couldn’t bear it if someone I love got hurt—or worse. Despite all that, when Cristian crashes, the whole world sees me race to his side. Will our feelings for each other be stronger than the forces dragging us apart? Off Track is a contemporary MM sports romance about race-car drivers. It features Cristian Rivera, Spanish racing royalty, and Jasper Nord, literal Swedish royalty. These guys secretly rendezvous in Swiss ski resorts, Singaporean gardens, and yachts off Monaco. Off Track is the first book in the Faster series of stand-alones, which also features books from Victoria Denault and Regina Kyle.
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