Off Limits Daddy
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Off Limits Daddy by Ajme Williams

The 3 rules of fake dating: Rule 1: Don’t sleep with your hot gym buddy in the sauna of your gym. Again. Rule 2: Don’t get involved in his adoption case! Rule 3: Don’t even think about getting pregnant… I’m committed to my career as an FBI agent, which doesn’t leave much room for romance. But when a handsome older man I had a steamy encounter with in a sauna re-enters my life, the heat is on in more ways than one… Duncan Ashworth is twice my age, and now he wants me to play his fake fiancée for the social worker that’s overseeing his adoption… and I don’t know how much longer I can resist the silver fox. When tension sizzles, I give in… Only to end up with a surprise that does not fit into my life or Duncan’s. But it’s a surprise I want to keep…
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