Of Love & Darkness
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Of Love & Darkness by Tami Lund

In this dark, anti-hero, paranormal romance trilogy, an entire species of shapeshifters is at risk of extinction. it will take a woman who doesn't know about this world working with--and trying not to fall in love with--a rough, rugged, cursed shifter, if the species has a prayer of surviving. Gavin Rowan is a cursed shapeshifter, destined to hunt and kill those who had once been his friends and family. When he saves Sydney Amataya’s life, he learns that she is the rarest kind of shifter…oh, and he’s claimed her as his mate. Problem is, Sydney doesn’t believe in supernatural beings or mates, and the idea of the fate of the world hanging on her shoulders is… well, crazy. Even more crazy than Gavin’s claim that they are destined to be together for all of eternity. Twisted Fate Trilogy: Of Love & Darkness Prim and Proper Fate Prisoner of Fate
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