Night Shift: A Steamy, Alpha, Brothers in Blue Second Chance Romance! (Men In Uniform Book 1)
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★ A second chance police officer romance where the heat on the streets is almost too hot for the boys in blue! ★

Officer Matthew Danes has one focus in his life: the brotherhood in blue.

His life is consumed with the night shift on the police force – drug busts, arrests, the lights and sirens. Matthew needs to make a change.

Then, on an afternoon jog, he runs into an enchanting beauty and her faithful companion. And his life shifts on a dime.

Rosemarie intrigues Matthew like no one before. She consumes his every waking thought.

And in their whirlwind romance, Matthew falls for Rosemarie quickly.

But he doesn't want to stop himself.

And neither does Rosemarie.

But Officer Danes’ job is dangerous, and one night that danger hits too close to his heart.

Can Matthew keep the dirty streets from staining the love he’s found with Rosemarie?

Night Shift is a high-action, hard-hitting police romance in the Men in Uniform Series. If you love hot cops, heated relationships, and real-world police action, you'll love Night Shift by M.D. Dalrymple!

Discover this arresting cop romance today!

The novels in this series are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order, if desired. These police romances are based off real life and do not shy away from steamy scenes, occasional curses, and accurate scenes of cop life!

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