Neon Smoke: A steamy second chance later in life romance (Hot Tropics Book 2)
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No matter how many years or miles between them, she belongs to him. And he's going to prove it.

Model and It-Girl Mitsu navigates both the glamour and grit of art, fashion, and big money in 1980s NYC with street smarts and strength. But when she meets wild, high-flying, bad-boy financier Damien, all bets are off.

He vows to make her his, and after he chases her all around Manhattan's 22.82 square miles, she surrenders to a passionate love affair that sets her heart ablaze.

Then dark secrets and darker motives come to light, and Mitsu must make a choice between loyalty to her family and the love of her life.

Years later, she finds that he's kept that flame alive. But can they overcome broken hearts and broken trust to find the perfect love they once had?


Note: Even if you didn’t live through the era of big hair, aerobics, and junk bonds, you can still come along for the ride to 1980s New York City and soak in the decadent fine dining, fashion, and absolute boatloads of money sloshing around the gallery scene.

Of course, you’ll have to dodge and weave around a shady, reptilian financier with hooded eyes and froggy laugh who’s lurking around every corner, as you make your way to that well-earned happily ever after, but don’t worry, there’s no cheating. Oh, and I hope like your love scenes steamy, because that’s what you’re getting!

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