Neighbors’ Omega
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Neighbors’ Omega by Lacey Daize

Finding a new home is hard enough, but what happens when the new neighbors are four hot alphas? Jace has a problem... well two: his new landlord, and the sudden rent increase that will take effect within two months. Unwilling to pay the ridiculous new rate, he decides that it's time to find a house of his own. But where to start when the timeline is so short? Luckily, a friend's roommate happens to be a realtor. However, it's an unexpected opportunity that proves to be the best option. The downside? It's next door to his friend, the realtor, and two other incredibly attractive alphas. What's an omega to do when the best alphas around are right next door? And can he choose only one? Are they even interested in him? Neighbors' Omega is a 18k word, non-shifter, MMMMM, mpreg, omegaverse romance
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