My Alien Protector
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My Alien Protector by C. A. Varian

Drunk college coeds don’t always make the best decisions, but Freddie never expected her stumble into the bathroom at a music festival would land her in space. It’s not a laughing matter. Getting drunk and peeing in the wrong place. It happens to others. Right? The situation isn't so bad, at least for Freddie, since the massive, horned, sexy, iridescent-blue loner alien, whose ship she was accidentally transferred into, isn't so bad either. The problem is, however, that once she ended up in space, there was no way for her to get back to Earth. Traveling to Earth violates intergalactic laws, so most aliens avoid breaking them. Just because Aevo won’t travel to Earth doesn’t mean other aliens won't, however. After all, she did stumble into a parked spacecraft. Despite the fact that it is illegal, there are some who are willing to violate the law because what they do with the humans they steal is worth the risk. The intergalactic flesh trade. While Freddie lives free, other human women are held in cages, and it's something she realizes she cannot live with. She wants to free them, if only she and Aevo can find a way to do it. TRIGGER WARNING: Due to graphic sexual content, sex trafficking, violence, and language, this book is meant for those 17 and older.
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