More Than Enough
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More Than Enough by Donna R. Madden

What happens when your heart is torn between two people: The one you want and the one you need? College is finally complete for Elizabeth Parks. She is looking forward to a real life, a real job, new friends, and endless possibilities. Then she meets her gorgeous neighbor, Jacob, and things start heating up. Between her relationship with Jacob, and new friendships she has made, life seems about perfect. Until one day when Elizabeth wakes up in the hospital. What she thought was nerves, stress, and exhaustion turns out to be something more. Elizabeth finds herself faced with making the biggest decision of her life. Being forced to confront the past she was trying hard to forget, she contacts her old flame from college. She is pregnant and Brady is going to be a father. Once the truth comes out, will Elizabeth’s relationship with Jacob be able to continue and grow, or will the feelings Brady holds for her push her into giving them a second chance at romance? Will she find the love her heart desires, or be forced to put the needs of the little one growing inside of her, over her own? If you love reading a feel good romance with a happy-for-now ending, a good level of steam, with a female protagonist who digs deep to find herself, More Than Enough will deliver.
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