Minutes to Live
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Minutes to Live by Stephanie Flynn


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Giving him a second chance could cost her everything.

In 1987 Wisconsin, college student Kiko Hada can't concentrate with her parents fighting, so she takes the night off from her intense college coursework to rent a movie. At the local Blockbuster, her plans of nabbing a new release are thwarted when a handsome man grabs the last copy. Not looking for more distractions in her life, Kiko accepts his offer to share it for one night only.

Kiyoshi Takai is smitten when he meets a shy bookworm who turns into a bedroom vixen. But the next morning, the brainy beauty rejects a future date, and he's determined to earn a second chance. When their paths cross again, he excitedly introduces her to his best friend. Now Yoshi has to protect her long enough to forge the relationship he's always wanted.

If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, swoon-worthy heroes, and sassy ladies in a small town setting, you'll love Stephanie Flynn's Matchmaker in Time series. Each is a standalone with guaranteed HEA, but an overarching narrative with hooks. MINUTES TO LIVE, the prequel, has NO HEA. Kiko gets hers in book 4. Can be read anytime before book 4. The time travel begins at the end of this story.

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