Mine to Shield
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Mine to Shield by Kennedy Mitchell

Can this broken FBI agent and young professor work together to take down a dangerous cult despite their rocky past or will their true identities be exposed, threatening their lives and future together. Going undercover with the FBI to infiltrate a dangerous cult was the last thing I expected during my week off from teaching. But here I am. Now working alongside a sexy and cocky agent who happens to be the same man who broke my heart ten years ago when he vanished from my life. I loved him then, but I hate him now. Right? Lies and secrets surround us while inside the cult's compound, forcing us together and blurring the boundaries of our fake marriage. Past feelings are rekindled, making our time alone burn hotter than ever. When the truth comes to light and the depravity of the leader is exposed, can we both make it out alive or will he leave me again, this time for good?
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