Mine to Shelter: A Single Mother, Protector Hero, Standalone Romantic Suspense Novel (Protection Series)
Just when I thought life couldn’t get worse, a past nightmare returns. But this time he’s after more than my body. He wants it all—me and my daughter. Broken, abused, and all alone. I first met Detective Hudson Mott on the worst night of my adult life, and now four years later, he appears on my doorstep telling me I’m in danger. Again. The forbidden crush I harbored for him burns brighter when he refuses to leave us unprotected, determined to stick close. A massive, sexy former Navy SEAL who makes me feel safe and seen wants to insert himself into my crazy life plus is super adorable with my four-year-old. Yes, please. Maybe then I could actually sleep. We both wear internal scars from our pasts, though that doesn’t diminish the instant attraction and combustible desire that pulse between us. It might be forbidden, but I can’t stop wanting more and picturing us as a family. The killer wants Samantha and me for his own, and Hudson refuses to let that happen. I’ve survived a lot in my life… But this might be the final act that breaks me beyond repair.
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