Mine for the Summer (Windswan Lake)
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Forgetting about that summer would've made my life so much easier. But, who forgets about flipping the canoe, skinny dipping under the stars, and falling in love for the first time? Unfortunately, not me. When I was eighteen I spent the entire summer at my family cottage in a small town in the mountains. That's where I met the cute carpenter with the crooked smile and six pack abs. That summer seemed like something out of a movie, but it wasn't, it was my life - and it was perfect. Until it wasn't. Now, twelve years later I’m stuck in this small lakeside town where the past lurks around every corner. I don't want to be back in Windswan. But, I can get through this - as long as I don’t run into the first and only guy to ever break my heart. TWELVE YEARS LATER HOLLIE AND CASH'S PASSION STILL RUNS AS DEEP AS THE LAKE WHERE THEY FIRST FELL IN LOVE...BUT IS IT TOO LATE TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT? If blue collar guys in flannel shirts, a triathlon swimming terrier, and a hint of mystery are your jam, you will love the "Mine for the Summer."
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