Miles High
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Miles High by Gianni Holmes

RUBBLE One look at a raggedy Miles who crashes the clubhouse and every instinct in his body is to keep and protect. Then he hears three words that would seal his fate. When Miles no longer needs his protection, Rubble must find an excuse to see him again. But Miles’s hot and cold reaction is sending Rubble mixed signals. MILES Miles’s desperate search for a protector leads him right into Rubble’s arms. For the second time. The huge biker, covered in tattoos, should scare him, but with the enormous threat at his back, all Rubble provides is comfort. He makes Miles feel safe…for the time being. Everyone thinks the threat to Miles is gone, but there’s an even bigger enemy that’s been haunting him for years. Miles has already caused the demise of one biker. The last thing he needs is for another to be killed while protecting him. As the darkness that lurks inches closer, what will it take for Miles to trust Rubble to protect him? Miles High is a protector romance with a sweet virgin, who finds himself embroiled in the pits of an underground operation, and the biker who’ll risk his neck to save him. This book has light Daddy kink, a gruff biker trying to avoid the use of too many f-bombs, illicit activities. Trigger content includes physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. READING ORDER Boyfriend Booked Biker Daddy Dresses & Cuts Fable's Foes Boys Night Out The Mortician Something Old, Something New Miles High
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