Merciless Monster
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Merciless Monster by Lydia Hall

I have to bear the consequences of sleeping with a merciless monster.  Dante is the father of my child.  He has no idea I kept that secret after our sizzling night in Italy.  It was my best friend’s wedding and he was her cousin that I couldn’t resist.  Dante looked like a strong man who would protect me.  But a relationship couldn’t be in the cards.  I had to get back to the US.  Little did I know that I was carrying a part of him along.  Not just his child… but also the dangerous world he can’t escape.  If I’ve got an unspeakable secret, Dante has a few of his own.  Ending up in the same city as him five years later would remove all veils.  It would force us to confront the truth.  And it would push him to protect his new family with everything he’s got.  But first, could this merciless monster find a way to forgive me for a mistake that would change his world forever?
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