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Matthias by Heather MacKinnon

Can they overcome their dark pasts? Life was predictable for Matthias O’Brian until he met her. Developing software by day and working as a pack enforcer at night kept him busy enough. So when the beautifully broken woman he meets outside the bar begs to leave with him, how can he say no? He had no idea how that single decision would change everything. Rock bottom wasn’t where Mackenna Henderson thought she’d be at twenty-six. When her clothing boutique goes out of business and she can’t pay rent, she’s forced to move back into her parent’s house. Living under their roof means living under their scrutiny. The pressure sends her running into the arms of her ex which proves to be yet another mistake. But when a handsome stranger steps into their fight and whisks her away, she thinks moving back home might not be such a bad decision after all. One incredible night leads to more than either of them could have imagined. They both feel this bone-deep attraction they aren’t allowed to act on, but how long can they resist? And how long can Matthias protect her from her ex’s schemes? This book contains sexual themes and violence that is intended for audiences 18 and older.
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