Mating A Grizzly: League Of Gallize Shifters
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"Dianna Love writes spellbinding stories that leaves you reeling long after you've finished reading them." ~~Clare and Lou's Mad About Books

In this fast-paced enemies-to-lovers romance, Elianna's grizzly shifter bodyguard makes her want the one thing she can't choose, a mate, because failure to accept her destiny will cost the child who is everything to her.

Meet Justin. He's an elite black ops warrior who turns into a monster grizzly and rushes into danger without hesitation ... but he's having second thoughts on playing bodyguard for a Russian shifter princess. How'd he get stuck with this assignment? He detests arrogant jerks like the ones he grew up around who looked down everyone. But Elianna turns out to be nothing like he expected. She's dominant, pretty and feels special, like she could be the one, but Justin will have to stop an assassin from killing him and kidnapping her to find out. Elianna has a plan of her own, which doesn't allow for a sexy bear shifter who will cost her everything when he steals her heart.

There are shifters and then there are Gallize shifters." ~~ In My Humble Opinion

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