Marrying The Scarred Soldier
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I’ve been hurt too many times to believe in happy-ever-after.

When I arrange a marriage with Ransom Boyd, the only thought in my mind is protecting my little boy.
The sexy retired soldier is a silver fox nearly twenty years my senior and makes my panties wet but none of this matters. It’s the strength in his burly body and the dangerous tone in his quiet voice when he agrees to safeguard us I decide to trust.

However, there’s a tender and caring side to Ransom and it’s not long before I start falling for the reclusive hero and hoping for a happy ending. But when my abusive ex breaks into our mountain cabin, will he destroy our chance at a happy-ever-after?

Marrying The Scarred Soldier is a sweet and steamy, small town instalove romance with a happy-ever-after. It can be read as a standalone or together with the rest of the books in the Curvy Brides of Blossom Ford Series.

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