Marrying her Best-Friend (The Seymour Siblings Book 3)
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A well-bred lady with a ruined reputation…
…and the man who’d do anything to protect her.

Elizabeth Seymour has watched both brothers fall in love and marry. But one mistake has left the youngest Seymour destined for spinsterhood. Reputation in tatters, and ostracized from the 
ton, Lizzie’s only allies are family and her loyal best friend, Carson. The boy she’s known her whole life is now a man who makes her heart pound and pulse race.

Carson has always been content with his life. He is part of a respectable family, has had a good education, and a cherished best friend. Lizzie’s rejection from society breaks his heart. He’ll do whatever he can to protect her from the vicious vipers of the 
ton. Because somewhere along the line he’s fallen in love with her.

But as Lizzie’s life hangs in the balance, are they too late for their happily ever after?

Author note: This is a much more traditional and sweeter Regency than the 'Spares' series.

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