Marry me, If you Dare
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Marry me, If you Dare by Alyssa Clarke

The last thing Lady Perdie Crawford expected when she fled London was to encounter difficulties in securing lodgings as a lady traveling alone. Claiming a particular Scotsman as her husband was only supposed to be a brilliant tiny ruse. Except the damn handsome, devilish, charming scoundrel claims they are now truly married, and he must stay by her side to protect her from undesirables.

Perdie was not looking for distraction, or marriage, or the love and attention from any gentleman. Yet, with each moment spent in Thaddeus’s presence, attraction burns hot and fierce, and Perdie finds he awakens an irresistible desire within her to which she can never surrender.

What's a lady to do but run...

Unfortunately, London was not where Perdie should have gone. With the ton all atwitter over the newly minted and sought-after Earl of Sherburn, Perdie finds herself face to face with the sensual Scot who is more determined than ever to tear down her walls and claim her as his.
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