Margins of Love
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Margins of Love by Sara Adrien


It's the worst possible scenario to find true love but Fave falls in love with the mysterious girl from the ton and, as a result, his family's blackmailer threatens their home and livelihood.
Can family loyalty trump his desire for the gorgeous and smart Rachel?

In 1813 London, Jews were not welcome among the ton, England's gentile aristocracy. But there is a family of clandestine Jews, haute-couture jewelers, who are infiltrating the ton - from the inside out - and if they win the king's competition for the crown jewels, they can gain a footing.
Except, there is no room for them to fall in love - or is there?

Find out in this first book of the series, Fave's story.

Elusive haute-couture jeweler, Fave Pearler, has to put his beloved Greek mythology aside to face an arranged marriage suiting his family’s dynasty while all of London is on the quest for the biggest, rarest gems for the king’s competition. Meanwhile, his mother’s meddlesome frenemy threatens to reveal their secret and her blackmail is driving good-natured Fave mad. But when the evil gossip catches him with Rachel Newman, he has to fight for the love of his life and the family’s business…

Rachel Newman only wants one season before resigning herself to a wedding her father has arranged, and golden boy Fave is off-limits. When he rattles her principles, she’s determined to protect her family’s true identity—but she cannot resist Fave’s kisses. How can Rachel reconcile romance and family tradition?

Fans of Bridgerton will delight in this series where love, intrigue, and excitement take them to fancy house parties and elegant balls in Georgian London.

Bestselling author Sara Adrien's Regency Romance with a Jewish twist will leave you gasping for more. Find out how the smart and strong heroine overcomes impossible obstacles of the period? Join Rachel and Fave on their journey to find true love in a time when Jews were not welcome among the ton. Immerse yourself in a time where the difficulties that minorities faced were similar to the present and yet delivered differently. This is not a fairy tale, it's real-life packaged in a delightful love story filled with vivid descriptions, geopolitical depth, and charming characters.

"One of the Best Regency Romance Novels in 2022 . . . a Masterful Combination of Historical Romance with Jewish Fiction"

Yahoo News, June 13, 2022


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