Mail Order Bride: The Mountain Man’s Wife: A Sweet Western Historical Romance
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Ruby Williamson is struggling to get by on her failing farm and with a brother that won’t listen to sense. Haunted by a botched city job that went terribly wrong as well, Ruby makes a daring move to become a mail order bride.

Fur trapper Travis Reed returns to the western town of Clear Hollow after the passing of his father so as to inherit the vast land and property. But he can’t transform the forested land into farmable land by himself and so he arranges to get married.

After Ruby marries and moves in with Travis, the couple finds two runaway children who have been living and hiding on Travis’ empty property for a few months, surviving on preserves and supplies left behind by Travis’ father.

The newly married couple is still trying to know each other better, and at the same time taking care of two children who have a lot to hide.

When a gang arrives in Clear Hollow, the leader makes no secret of their search for two missing children.

Ruby and Travis now have a duty to protect their children, but have they forged a love strong enough to fend off deadly threats?

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