Mail Order Bride – Montana Rescue
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Can a marriage really save a town? And what will happen to the hearts caught in the crossfire? It’s 1890, and Evan Taft, a sheriff from Montana, is determined to find a bride for the sake of his town. Echo Canyon is on the verge of extinction, and the local townspeople have come up with a creative plan to bring it back to life: mail-order brides. Things in the town are going from bad to worse, and Evan decides to step up to the challenge in the hope that other men will follow suit. But Evan is scarred by a broken heart, and he’s tentative about searching for love. Will he be able to give himself to the cause fully enough to succeed? Meanwhile, Josie Bainbridge doubts that she’ll ever find a husband. All her friends are married now, and it seems like there aren’t enough men in Washington. With few options left, she resorts to the newspaper, scouring advertisements for the man of her dreams. Josie and Evan begin writing to each other, and soon Josie is on her way to Echo Canyon to meet him. Romance blossoms quickly, and it seems that everything is set to be perfect… But perfection is short-lived, and soon it seems like history is repeating itself, and Evan is in for another heartbreak. With evil at work in the town, will the lovers be able to see each other through the lies and deceit spinning around them… and will Evan stay alive long enough for them to get there? Mail-Order Bride: Montana Rescue is the first book in the Echo Canyon Brides series. Packed with action, adventure, and danger, this is a must-read for anyone who loves a passionate, high-stakes romance. Fling yourself into the passion as danger unfolds: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now. Echo Canyon Brides series reading order: Book 1: Montana Rescue Book 2: Montana Bargain Book 3: Montana Adventure Book 4: Montana Luck Book 5: Montana Fire Book 6: Montana Hearts Book 7: Montana Christmas Book 8: Montana Orphan Book 9: Montana Surprise Book 10: Montana Miracle Book 11: Montana Ricochet
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