Made For US
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Made For US by Natasha Madison

From Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author Natasha Madison comes a brand new stand-alone one night stand, surprise pregnancy single dad sports romance. A spin-off from the Only One series & This Is Series. Made For Us Abigail It was time to celebrate. After all my hard work, I was graduating at the top of my class. Our family vacation was the perfect chance to relax. Until I saw him get on the plane and my plans went out the window. Tristan's everything I've always wanted but can never have. One night was all we had together. Now, I’m staring at the two pink lines wondering if I should even tell him. Tristan Six years ago, I was living for myself until I found out I had a two-year-old daughter. Now, I love my life exactly how it is: me, my daughter and hockey. Except—I've been in love with Abigail from afar for years. She was the only one I trusted my daughter with. One night with her is more than I deserve. Now that I've had her, I know she was made for us.
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