Lucky Me
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Lucky Me by Genevieve Jack

A house of gold steeped in shadows... Fairies like me are born lucky, but even our luck can run out. When I’m captured and imprisoned by a government agency, only one person can free me—Seven. I haven’t seen the sexy leprechaun billionaire since we were teenagers, but he’s the reason I left the fairy realm sixteen years ago. Born into a life of privilege, his gilded existence is nothing like mine, but returning to his world is my only way out. His price? Seven wants me in his life, so much so that he ropes me into helping him solve a series of bizarre murders that threaten our kind’s tentative relationship with humans. I promised myself I'd never get involved with him again, but his dark charms prove hard to resist. The closer we get to solving the mystery we’ve uncovered, the harder it becomes to keep my distance. The harder it becomes not to see that everything I believed about Seven was a lie, and the dark secrets of our past are about to come back to haunt us. This twisted Cinderella story will sweep you away into a vivid fairytale world filled with suspense, betrayal, romance and twists and turns that will keep you flipping pages until the last word. Winner of the 2023 RONE award for Paranormal Romance Long Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Award ★★★★★ "It's brilliant!" - Beautiful Chaos reviews ★★★★★ "Secrets, surprises, lies, betrayal, romance, bigotry and a murder mystery. All I can say is WOW." - Paranormal Romance Guild ★★★★★ "This story was amazing. There were twists and turns and such amazing writing that once I started reading I was hooked and couldn’t put it down.” –Sassy Southern Book Blog
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