Loving You
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Loving You by Harper Michaels

They are the children of the rich and famous of the South. In this second novel of the series, Growing Pains, the gang has moved from their posh homes on the outskirts of Atlanta to a secluded university in Savannah. The moss that hangs from the old oak trees there will only hide so much...Secrets will be discovered and love will bloom. Dax Dax and Lily...our names have been said together for most of our lives. Best friends, neighbors, we know each other inside and out. I love being the shoulder she can lean on. I love being the one who makes her smile. I love her period...and that's the problem. I'm in love with my best friend and she doesn't have a clue. She's endured more than any woman should, so when she asks me for a favor, I can't say no. But will her request lead to inevitable heart break for me? Can I make it through this unscathed? Lily A little over a year ago, my life changed forever. Because of one night, I'll never be the same again. All I want is to feel 'normal', whatever that is. I want to feel like a strong woman, instead of the vulnerable mess I've become. Dax is my best friend and the only man that I can trust. He's the only one whose touch I can endure. Is my favor too much to ask of the guy who has always been there for me? What will he say to my proposal and will it change us forever? *Second in a series, but can be read as a standalone *Sexually explicit scenes *Happily ever after guaranteed *Trigger warning- a character's past sexual assault is discussed
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