Loving the Billionaire Army Doc
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She’s the last person the billionaire surgeon will marry her even if they tied him up and dragged him to the altar. The spunky doctor also wants nothing to do with him, not even for a million dollars. Could an unavoidable arranged-marriage date spark their love alive? ObGyn resident and sole heiress Dr. Jasmine Banks has everything: a promising career, a wonderful family, and great friends. But she’s closed off her heart to any chance of a happily ever after—a previous heartbreak and her high cancer risk had made sure of it. Reconstructive surgeon and billionaire Dr. David Landi returns stateside after a stint in the Army to focus on fast-tracking his career and supporting the family business. He wants no other relationship after losing his fiancée, and especially not with Jasmine Banks, the one woman who dumped him years ago. But their lives flip upside down when their families push them into arranged-marriage dating to seal a critical business deal that would make a significant difference in the lives of others. With only three weeks to date and decide, can David and Jasmine overcome their animosity and realize a second chance love is still possible, even in the most unlikely situations? LOVING THE BILLIONAIRE ARMY DOC, a sweet enemies-to-lovers arranged marriage billionaire doctor romance, is the third book in the Dexington Doctor Billionaires series.

 Author's Warning: This enemies-to-lovers arranged marriage romance is an emotional read filled with unexpected twists and heart-warming moments that will make you both cry and laugh. Side effects can occur if you’re allergic to all-the-feels, strong heroines, and swoon-worthy doctor heroes.

 Previously titled as Her Billionaire Army Doc. 

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