Love’s Healing Spark
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Love’s Healing Spark by Crystal Mary Lindsey

After enduring the betrayal of love once before, a cautious doctor is reluctant to repeat the same mistake of falling in love with the wrong woman. During his interview to hire a new registered nurse, he is instantly captivated by her but remains aloof to hide his true emotions. This book was previously called, "Consuming Fire." Employment under this skilled reconstructive surgeon grants Sage a five-day workweek, allowing her to enjoy a fun social life without the constraints of shift work. Spirited and unpredictable, Sage becomes a source of whimsy and amusement, confounding the doctor's thoughts and leading him on a sometimes hilarious mind chase. Dr. StClair, an enigma to his patients, maintains a professional distance that adds to his allure. Scarred by the pain of a failed marriage, he keeps others at arm's length despite numerous attempts by women to break through. His reputation for impeccable reconstruction surgery and unwavering commitment to precision earns him respect and admiration. Meeting Sage, however, sparks a genuine desire to know her deeply. He convinces her to embark on a transformative journey to an Outback missionary clinic, traveling past her familiar territory. As they explore the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback, encountering exotic wildlife and vast landscapes, the lives of these two individuals are forever changed. Sage discovers her true self in this unfamiliar terrain and witnesses the remarkable qualities distinguishing Javin and his parents from her previous experiences. Their shared inner peace and profound spirituality inspire Sage to want the same. She learns to know Jesus as her savior. This captivating narrative transports readers to a world that feels like in another time—a place of compassion, kindness, love, romance, and liberation.
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