Love, Untruths, and the Smuggler’s Ruse
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Follow the gentlemen of the Tenet Club — an elusive group of noblemen that investigates crimes committed by the nobility—on a rousing journey of romance, suspense, and a guaranteed happily ever-after. Viscount Langdon is torn between duty and desire. After his father’s death, he has every intention of resigning from the Tenet club when he meets Mrs. Adare. The lively widow with a knack for trouble piqued more than his curiosity, and he agrees to one last assignment. Mrs. Elizabeth Adare is on a mission to bring a smuggler to justice, and nobody is going to get in her way, not even the charismatic Lord Langdon. With the aid of intriguing lord, she follows the clues to a troubling discovery; one that could expose her own secrets.
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“A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.” ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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