Love Me Last: A Single Father Love Story
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Roses are Red,

Audits are eww,

My mom’s on my nerves,

And this hot guy is too!

Another Valentine’s Day… (long sigh)

And I am married to my company. Girl boss—Yay!!

No time for dates, friends, or the occasional jog at the gym (by jog, I mean mall walking).

My company is in need of help, and the best guy for the job is a single father that is far too handsome for anyone’s good.

Between him laying down the law in the office and my mom nipping at my life choices, I am going insane!

It’s time to put myself first—for once.

No more loving me last.

It’s my turn. His turn.

For a red-hot love affair.

Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston
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