Love Match
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Love Match by Jo Noelle

Can two people learn to trust again to make their marriage of convenience into a love match? With university behind him, Lord Gerard Morrow, the Earl of Norham, is preparing for a grand tour to the future with a fellow time traveler. His first night home, he receives a summons from his father the Duke of Kyloe to come to Scotland or their family will be ruined. Lady Layla Colvin is roused from her sleep to marry the duke’s son as part of settling a gambling debt. Everything she has looked forward to vanishes with the words "I will." She will never have a come-out, or a suitor, or a wedding dress—and apparently not a husband either. When Gerard walks back into her life, she runs the other way. Can she trust a man who abandoned her immediately after the vows were said or will they lead separate lives? From the Author: Our hero has to overcome an arranged marriage and a time travel mistake to earn the love of a woman he scorned in the past. Although magic caused his problem, it can’t solve it. Gerard will have to earn her love the old-fashioned way by courting his wife. Thank you for choosing book 3 in the Twickenham Manor Time Travel Series, Love Match, a sweet, swoony time slip novel. The books in this series are best read in order. Spend some time in Victorian England in this second-chance romance, where love is hard-earned, and a little faerie magic glistens in the air. ★★★★★ " This touching tale was full of hurt, regrets and sorrow, but also determination, hope and of course, big heaps of forgiveness and love.” ~Sandra, an Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “Broken hearts, misplaced judgment and the wonders of a time long gone.” ~Kathy, a Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★ "I loved this story! Twists and turns held me up to the end!” ~Reneeg364, an Amazon reviewer About the Author: Jo Noelle is a USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, clean, and inspirational romances, including historical western, time travel, Victorian, and contemporary books. She’s a mother/daughter writing team who was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and California. They write stories about the places they’ve lived, the places they’ve visited around the world, and the places still on their bucket lists. We write “Sweet, Swoony Ever-Afters”
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