Love After Never
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Love After Never by Melanie Kingsley

Even the blackest souls need love… Seedy underbellies and dark depravities don’t scare me. I’ve seen the worst and survived. I’ve never seen a man like him before. Gabriel Blackwell, the raven-haired demon of the underworld. He’s the sickest bastard of them all. He might also be a murder suspect. If I’m going to do this job and see him behind bars, then I need to use my wits. I do not need to let him slide beneath my defenses the way his hand slips under my shirt. I can’t stop myself. And if I don’t, then I won’t make it out the other side of this case. My life hasn’t been anywhere close to easy. He wants me for his own. And a piece of me, the chaotic and traumatized part I barely acknowledge, wants him back. I’m not sure which one will be harder to resist. 18+ Romance. Love After Never is a full length dark romance with enemies to lovers themes, featuring a psychotic tormented hero and a badass heroine. Contains darker themes and lots of steamy scenes. Book 1 in the Empire Bay series.
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