Lost Wolf
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Lost Wolf by Scarlett Grove

Blake Winter is done trying to fit into a world he doesn’t want to be a part of. All his brothers might have found their mates, but Blake has other priorities. He will return to his family’s land and confront the Snow Queen once and for all. If his alpha is too much of a coward to take her down, Blake has no choice but to do it alone. Dragon shifter princess Wyn Zahar slept for centuries under the mountain she’d once called home. Awakened from her curse by a friendly witch, Wyn has one goal in life: kill the Snow Queen. Despite her bloodlust, her descendent convinces her to give love one last try. So Wyn signs up for the shifter dating app. When Blake arrives on his parent’s land, he finds it is already occupied, he somehow has cell reception, and a notification on his phone informs him that he’s found his fated mate. Fate brings Blake and Wyn together, but will the vigilante lovers find their happily ever after, or will their need for revenge destroy them both?
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