Losing His Shirt
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Losing His Shirt by Linda Fausnet

As her boss, I was a jerk. Rosemary was my personal assistant, and I treated her like my personal slave. I’d been rich my whole life, and now the money’s gone. I had no clue what to do or where to turn, so I turned to her. I found Rosemary starring in a musical, and I could hardly believe my eyes...and ears. My God, she sang like an angel. She’s Broadway-bound for sure. I had no idea she was so talented. I guess I never knew she had a life outside my office. I asked for her help, and she took pity on me. Now my heart pounds when she’s near, and I get chills when she sings. Rosemary is the most sensual, sweet, talented woman I’ve ever known. I’m flat broke and in love with my former secretary. How can I convince her I’m not the arrogant jerk she used to know...and despise? Click Follow to find out about the latest releases from this author.
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